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It is our mission to provide world class financial planning and portfolio management services to help our clients Get On Track™ and Stay On Track™ to reach their goals. We hold ourselves to the values of independence, objectivity & a fiduciary duty. We will always put our clients’ interests ahead of our own and all others. We strive to deliver our service with a no-nonsense approach & in straightforward understandable language.



We believe in making our client’s finances understandable. We will educate our clients to the extent they would like to be about their finances. We will use understandable terms, a reasonable pace, and provide real-life examples where possible. We will also provide opportunities for the general public to improve their financial literacy through classes and community presentations. Additionally, we believe in the continued educational enhancement of our staff members and advisors through continuing education and professional advancement opportunities. 


We believe in continuous beneficial communication with our clients. We will achieve this through frequent newsletters, email communications, topical announcements and accessibility of our staff. We will strive to return all phone calls or messages as soon as possible, using the advantages of today’s mobile technologies to do so. 


We believe that our clients have the expectation of the availability of our advisor and office staff. We will make every effort to perform to our client’s best expectations and make our office hours and locations convenient to our clients. We believe that our clients have the expectation to have the most knowledgeable person serve their particular area, and we will make certain that our clients work with various subject matter experts when and where appropriate.


We believe that honesty and integrity is important in all that we do. We trust that if we do the right thing, we will get the right results. To that end, we will always utilize the services of independent custodians that provide an important and needed “check and balance” on the services we provide. We will be straightforward with our clients if errors are made, and strive to refine our processes as we learn from errors. We will do what we say we will do.


We believe that our advisors and office staff truly have a passion for helping others with their finances. To that end, we will provide a fun and supportive work environment that encourages individual growth and development, along with world class service for our clients. We will never forget that without our clients, our work is meaningless and that our clients deserve our commitment to their success.