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COVID-19 Updates

March 19, 2020

To our Valued Clients:

COVID-19 Updates From Conceptual Financial Advisors, LLC

We hope you’re hanging in there as our entire world addresses Coronavirus and we digest the response and ongoing effects.  We see some tremendous signs of progress but we feel that news may get worse before it gets better.  Be ready for that.   Here’s a few things related to both our office and markets we want you to know.

First off, our office:   We are fully functional, working extra hours and our Emergency Plan is in place.  Our office setup is very conducive to social distancing already and we’re practicing good sanitation practices, as we always have.  I’ve made investments over the last three years in technology to ensure we can work from anywhere, and all staff members have been issued either laptops or desktop computers as well as phones for their homes. Our practice is “Cloud-based” so work can be done from anywhere, and we have encrypted access to keep your data secure.    Some of our team is already working from home.

Second…in office meetings:  Following the guidance of those much wiser than us, we’re suspending in-office meetings for now.  No worries, we can still meet, we’ll just do it a bit differently.  We have the ability to do on-screen meetings, including sharing of all planning information, graphs, reports and the like through technology.  If you don’t have technology capability, don’t worry.  We’ll make something work, and a good old-fashioned phone call meeting still works just fine.  We’re still working on financial plans, investment management, re-balancing, and other matters just like we have done in the past and will in the future.   We’ll just be changing our delivery methods, slightly.

Day to Day needs:  Everything continues just as normal. If you need a distribution, a change to an account, an update, or anything else just call or e-mail us just as you always have.  Most items can be taken care of this way, and if we do require a form for something, we have electronic signing capabilities to handle about 95% of things.  Our custodians are fully functional with all cash management functions as normal.  We’re here to help, so please don’t hesitate.

E-Mail Addresses:  Members of our team will be reaching out to you to re-confirm email addresses.  We are going to be stepping up our email efforts so you have timely information from various sources as to COVID-19 and market information.  We don’t want to annoy you, so if you’d rather not get these updates, either let us know or just remove yourself from the email list when we send it out the first time. 

Markets/Investments/Economy/Etc:  Here’s some updates I can give you:

  •  Access to information has been superb:  The access I’ve been given to updates and information from our various investment partners has been, in a word, phenomenal.  I receive updates, market perspective, analysis several times a day and have been on numerous conference calls and webinars to receive and digest information.  It’s helpful and I’ll pass along what I know, and how it will relate to your long-term plan.

  • On that note…we think long term.  Things will be volatile in the short term, but I remain confident and focused for the long term. That’s the consensus of each of our investment providers. We are a great nation (If not world) of problem solvers, and the best and brightest are working the problem.  If you haven’t already, go back and read the “This is Why” letter that I sent earlier this month, or available on our Facebook page.
  • There will be changes, many of them positive.  We will help you to digest the various plans from our government including fiscal stimulus, and the best response to it for your individual financial plan. 

These are scary times for society.  A lot of things have happened in two weeks that were unthinkable three weeks ago.   But, we will weather this, together.  My guidance through this has been to hang in there, keep a long term focus, recognize that you all have diversified portfolios with solid long-term managers, and to keep faith in our economy.  We have a plan, together. That’s more important now than ever.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need some perspective, some guidance, or just want to “vent a bit”.    We’re here, and we’ll remain steadfast in our goal to keep you “On Track”.