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In 2015 we expanded our services to our clients by adding a newly redesigned client portal and vault.  

Some of the features of our client portal & vault include:

  • An up to date view of your investment holdings held with our firm.
  • The ability to connect outside accounts (bank, investment, retirement plan, credit card, etc) into one comprehensive view.  You can choose how much data (if any) to share with our office.
  • A secure, cloud-based vault for storage of important documents, reports, and files.  (Ask us for a great tip for documenting your home's contents for insurance!)
  • Online document sharing between your home and our office. 
  • Educational and instructional information. 

Not signed up yet?  Contact our Appleton office to have our staff get you set up. 

You can access the portal/vault through our client center to the right.