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My First Financial Planner

The Process

The MyFirstFinancialPlanner.com™ process begins with a short, introductory meeting between you and one of our CFP® professionals. This meeting can be held via telephone, web-conference or in person depending on your preference. This meeting is designed to get to know one another and to decide whether the MFFP service is appropriate for you.

If you decided to engage MyFirstFinancialPlanner.com™ we will ask you to sign a service agreement outlining the details and fee. The charge for the service is $500. For this fee, we will help you get on track with the following steps:

STEP 1: Financial Questionnaire

You will receive an invitation via email to complete our online financial questionnaire. This questionnaire is hosted on a secure partner site protecting your financial information. You are able to complete this questionnaire in one sitting or save your information and complete the information over several sessions.

Once you have completed the questionnaire, you will be given the option to submit the information to MyFirstFinancialPlanner.com™ and we will be notified of your submission.

Please note, the financial planning advice we provide you is directly impacted by the accuracy of information you enter into this questionnaire. We will contact you if a piece of data is clearly incorrect, but we will primarily rely on the accuracy of your data.

STEP 2: Data Entry & Verification

At this point, the data you have entered in the questionnaire is securely sent to our planning software. This is verified manually by one of our professionals.

STEP 3: Financial Plan Preparation

Once your financial information has been entered and verified, we prepare your financial plan. The majority of our time will be spent on portions related to the goals you have indicated in your questionnaire.

Beyond your stated goals, we will review your overall financial situation to include the following:

  • Net Worth
  • Cash flow/budget
  • Debts and liabilities
  • Insurance and risk coverage
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning - brief overview

The plan preparation will end with one of our CFP® professionals analyzing the plan and determining a set of recommendations to help you reach your goals and improve your financial well-being.

The recommendations we make will be specific to you, but “product neutral”. These are recommendations you will be able to take with you to implement with any financial services organization you prefer. We would be happy to offer you services within our partner organizations, but you are under no obligation nor pressure to do so.

Our target is to complete your plan analysis within 14 days of your submission.

STEP 4: Plan Delivery & Recommendation Review

Once the plan and recommendations are completed, we will contact you to set up a meeting to deliver your plan and review your recommendations. This is typically done via web-conference or if you are local to our Appleton, WI office, in person. This meeting generally takes 30 minutes.

As a part of this delivery and review process, you will determine which recommendations you are going to work on and whether you would like any of these recommendations to be delegated to us with one of our other service offerings.

STEP 5: Follow Up Review

Approximately 30 days following the plan delivery, we will provide one 15 minute follow up meeting via either a telephone call or web-conference to review your progress, answer questions and confirm that you are now on track.

To get on track and start your plan now, click here and complete the short form.