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At Conceptual Financial Advisors, we believe that “one plan does not fit all.”  While our OnTrack™ Analysis serves as an overall, comprehensive look at your entire financial picture, we also have the ability to focus on certain particular areas, or narrow individual questions.  The choice is yours!


ONTRACK™ ANALYSIS:  Our most popular service, our multi-step OnTrack™ Analysis peers into most areas of your financial life.    Saving for retirement is a fairly common goal for many investors, but this analysis goes far beyond that.  

This analysis establishes a baseline or “current” scenario based on your current cashflow.  We’ll discuss your short, medium and long-range goals, including a change to a “work-flexible” lifestyle.  Together, we’ll evaluate your values and beliefs towards spending, debt, and investments.  

We’ll review your existing investment portfolio, analyze a test of your goals and risk tolerance, and make specific recommendations for the various goals we develop together.  A “Monte Carlo” simulation will be provided looking at probabilities of achieving your identified goals. We will also explore strategies for receiving Social Security and pension payouts, as well as planning an income stream in retirement.

We will explore various tax strategies, including the potential of Roth IRA Conversions and/or accelerated distributions. Longevity risk will be evaluated.  Charitable intent and gifting will be discussed.  Existing insurance coverage will be analyed, with any recommendations for change or retention advised.  

As society continues to age, we’ll discuss the effects of a Long Term Care/elder care scenario and what solutions might be worthwhile for your particular circumstance.  Finally, we’ll look at the tools in place to ensure an efficient, cost-effective transfer of assets to the next generation upon death.  

Our work doesn’t stop when the plan is completed.  We’ll monitor your plan and assist you at your direction with questions or items for implementation. This continues for 90 days after our plan is presented. 

Cost $5,000.00 

À LA CARTE PLANNING:  Have a question regarding a specific circumstance, but don’t require a full module or comprehensive plan? We have “à la carte” planning services available. This can be on virtually any finance related issue that we are qualified to advise on. If your instance requires an outside professional, we will gladly make a referral at no charge.

Cost:  $275 per hour, $500 minimum. Negotiated “Project” fees are also available for larger or more ongoing engagements.

ON TRACK™ MEETING/SECOND OPINION:  A review of a previous plan, with current reports and benchmarking against previous meetings. Serves as an effective “progress report” for an existing plan.  This may be an update to an OnTrack™ Analysis completed in our office; or a check-up on a plan completed by an outside advisor.  

Cost:  $500.00 flat fee

MYFIRSTFINANCIALPLANNER™:  This review is specifically designed for younger investors, newlyweds, or those simply needing some financial counseling to get them on the right path…or off of the wrong one. We’ll help to establish a budget, gain control of spending, deal with debt, and establish a savings plan that makes sense. You’ll complete some online “homework” prior to your meeting, and then have a 30 minute in-person meeting with an advisor to review your plan and gain some recommendations. This also includes 3 months of periodic email follow-up to ensure you are “on track.”

Cost:  $500.00 flat fee

Please note that with any of our planning services, where specific advice is provided, you are completely free to implement the suggestions with a broker, representative or investment advisor of your choice. However, should you elect to utilize Conceptual Financial Advisors, LLC. for ongoing asset management services, we will offer a dollar-for-dollar credit of your financial planning fees, if utilized within the first 12 months of plan completion for portfolios over $250,000.

For additional information and a more detailed explanation of our services, consult our 2022 Conceptual Financial Advisors LLC ADV Part 2A & Wrap Fee Program Brochure& Customer Relationship Summary.  If you would like paper copies of either form, please contact us.

Advisory Services offered through Conceptual Financial Advisors, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor in the State of Wisconsin. Securities offered through Fortune Financial Services, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC. Conceptual Financial Advisors, LLC/Conceptual Financial Planning, Inc. & Fortune Financial Services, Inc. are not affiliated.